Ingredients Literature Review for Ayurvedic Glucose Support Formulations

A scientific literature review by Dr. Uri Eliyahu, which looks at the safety, efficacy, and traditional use of the Ayurvedic Glucose Support Formulations.

Dr. Eliyahu is a a licensed pharmacist, and Ph.D in Medical Sciences with a specialty in Epidemiology.


What is the goal of diabetes (T2) management?

When people think of type 2 diabetes, they usually think of sugar. That is understandable since diabetes is seen and measured by the high level of blood sugar that builds up in the body. In reality though, high blood sugar is just a symptom of other issues happening in the body. Products and lifestyle changes aimed at helping diabetics lower and stabilize blood sugar are really looking to support the health of body functions on 3 levels:



Zoom into the body and you'll find billions of cells running all the processes that keep you alive and healthy. But for diabetics, they are not doing their job well. That's why diabetics have issues with insulin sensitivity & release, immune system damage caused by unstable 'free radicals', and frequently, damaged organs.



The cellular issues that diabetics experience end up affecting internal organs. The heart needs to work harder to pump blood, the liver, spleen and pancreas build up fat, the intestines convert sugar to glucose much faster than it should, and the stomach empties too quickly.



These hidden internal issues lead to visible differences in day to day life. Cravings for sweets & carbs become irresistible, weight remains hard to control, and daily fasting blood sugar stays high and with big swings up and down.

Supporting the body's cellular, organ, and external health makes a huge difference. Diabetics who do this will find that:

Their blood sugar is healthier - healthy blood sugar readings mean a healthier life and loved ones who don't need to worry so much. Plus, a happier doctor.

Their lives get better - diabetes really limits lifestyle. From what a diabetic can eat, the way they travel… and it can even affect your time with family and friends. Balanced blood sugar leads to more energy and less worry, which really helps improve everyday life.

They stay healthy and in control - balanced blood sugar can help prevent diabetes complications like blurry vision, heart attack or stroke, limb amputations, and other horrible conditions. All reasons why it's so important to prioritize health as a diabetic.

So what is the best way to keep happy, health & balanced as a type 2 diabetic, naturally?

There are some recommended
natural ingredients used for
thousands of years to help
people manage their diabetes.
Taking these has
helped thousands
of people get
back in control.

9 Ingredients and their unique characteristics

leaf Swertia-perennis


Each of the natural ingredients named and described above have been shown, for thousands of years, to help type 2 diabetics control their diabetes, lower their blood sugar, and live a happier life. Click here to see a benefit matrix of each ingredient listed above.

Each of these ingredients is also part of the Ayurveda medical system, developed in India thousands of years ago, where it is still used today. With so much history and scientific proof, there is little doubt that scientifically extracted forms of these ingredients are beneficial for diabetics looking to regain control over their conditions and lives.


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